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Little Things

Once there was a city. And in that city there was a house. And in that house there was a dishwasher…

“Attention!” The highest dish, King Sude, was giving the annual meeting of the fellow dishes. In one corner stood the silverwear, in another the plates, and, finally, the glasses and mugs. “It seems to me there is a problem of the council. Duke Tine,” The king pointed to the fork representative. “Explain it to me.” The fork stood up. “It seems to be, Your Honor, that the putrid smell of the palace has been getting to many of our esteemed council members. Sir Rim, for instance, has not been feeling the best lately, and the usually energetic spoons have been very lazy;except for Lucy of course.” “Ah,Lucy.” The king turned towards the Prime Minister. “What do you think, Roger?” He asked. “Well,” Roger pondered. “I believe we should get Lucy. She is by far the most daring little troublemaker in the county. She’ll be told her quest:to go to the Washer’s bedroom and retrieve the Golden Bottle.” “THE GOLDEN BOTTLE!?” King Sude cried in shock. “Why, that is much too hard for Lucy! She is nine years old!” “My point exactly.” The Prime Minister grinned. “It shall not be a huge loss to the county if she is captured.” “Oh.” The king stopped short. “Well…I guess so…but she is not to bring anyone with her.”

So the hateful monarchy made their decision, and they met with Lucy, from the other load, the next day. “Lucy, dear, we have a little task for you.” The Prime Minister smiled. “You are to leave the palace at dawn, when the Washer opens the drawbridge. You must sneak out, and you are to find the treasure of perfumes…the highest of smells…the one and only Golden Bottle.” He put this briskly and stalked off to report to the king, leaving Lucy in stunned silence. “Well.” Lucy  sighed and closed her eyes.

“Lucy,wake up.” Lucy’s mother, Ana,shook her and pulled her to her feet. “It is almost dawn. King Sude timed his watch last night. You have five minutes.” So Lucy went to the main hall and ate some  suds for breakfast, grabbed her knapsack, and scurried down the path to the drawbridge, just as the Washer opened it. She slid out the main entrance and sprinted into the shadows.

After Lucy left, the palace was a rec. For when nothing is done wrong, something is there that you don’t want. This was happening at the weekly meeting of council. “Attention!” The king stepped on the platform. “Duke Wither,come up to the podium.” King Sude shook his head achingly as the head plate made his way up the stairs. When he got there, he was handed the microphone,which didn’t really work but gave the speaker some feeling of authority. “Hello, members of council!” The cheery plate smiled warmly, before getting down to business. “What is the problem?” He looked over the crowd. Finally, a random mug stood up. “It seems to me, that everyone is a bit under the weather, since a week ago.” He turned towards the king. “I have no idea why.” “It’s because of-” Tim, a 10 year old fork, stood, but his mother shushed him. He finally broke away. “It’s because of Lucy!” He yelled. Everyone in the room turned toward him. “Is it true?” The king asked after a moment. “Yes, sire.” The glass representative nodded modestly. “It is true.”

“Lucy! How could anyone miss Lucy?” King Sude said in astonishment. “It’s not that we miss her, Your Majesty. It’s just that we can’t seem to work right without her.”

“HMPH.” The king glared over the rest of the citizens. “Anything else?” He asked. A small salad fork boldly stepped up. “I think we should get her back.” She looked earnestly up at the king. “She is nine you know,” said Duke Tine. “How can we expect to get anything from her except her failure?” The king nodded as the crowd began to talk about this. They decided they would return Lucy, but who would go? “Someone responsible,” The king said to himself. “How about my son, Prince Fitzwater?” King Sude addressed the crowd. “Yes, he shall go. He loves adventure just as much as Lucy does. So he adjourned the meeting for the day and went to his study until the load was finished washing and put into the “Vacation Home”.


Lucy skidded up the wooden hallway. She had already encountered the family cat, and, after finally escaping, she had fallen into it’s food dish:her uncle, Gerald,whom had been happy to see her, for he only got washed weekly, and helped her get out of the predicament. Now, she was once again on her own, searching for the Golden Bottle. She was absolutely overwhelmed by the shiny brown floors and clean, fresh smell. She was also cold. The dishwasher had always been a bit hot, and now, outside of it, Lucy was freezing. But that did not matter. Just then, loud stomping on the cloth wall was heard. Lucy hadn’t been able to look over the first wall, but she knew there were many others. They lead all the way up to the second level of the gigantic home. Lucy knew she coud not climb the many walls. She made her way up the hall and soon found a locked white door. She rolled under the crack, to find herself in a tiled room with a human washing her hands. Lucy raced under the sink. And there, gleaming in the fleurescant light, was the Golden Bottle. “YES!” Lucy clasped her hands. She hopped onto the stool and swung towards the shelf. She snatched it greedily and zoomed out the door. “LUCY!” A fork with a crown on his head rushed out of the shadows. “I have come to save you!”

“Prince Fitzwater?” Lucy gasped. “He has come to save me! Now I will be safe on my way home.” She ran up to him, his sudsy smell delighting her senses. He smelled of home. Lucy just couldn’t wait to enter through the drawbridge.

“Lucy! There you are!” He ran forward and pulled her out of the tiled room, running swiftly up the hall. The thud of metal against the wood panel flooring roused the cat however, and soon Lucy and the prince were sprinting towards the kitchen. They waved to Gerald as they passed, and with Lucy holding the huge bottle in one hand, they climbed clumsily up the cupboard ledges until the reached the counter. Gasping for breath, they lay panting on the granite as they waited for the Washer to take the evening load.

Hopefully Mother is still there! Lucy thought. A few minutes later, they heard the steady footsteps of the Washer. Clenching her hands over the bottle, Lucy waited silently as it opened the drawbridge, hoping she wouldn’t be noticed. Her mother spotted her though, along with a few court members and King Sude. A look of glee spread across her face. The Washer snatched up Duke Wither and his family, sweeping Roger and his cousins into a drawer. But Ana and King Sude remained in the castle. As the Washer stood up, it noticed the prince and threw him into his home, but it’s gaze did not find Lucy, or the Golden Bottle. As soon as the Washer left, Lucy leaped into her home as the drawbridge closed. “Mother!” “Lucy!” Cries of joy swept throughout the remaining citizens. “I’m so glad you weren’t taken for the evening load!” Lucy hugged her mother. “Lucy, you have served your home with bravery and courage this day. You are officially named a Duchess of the castle.” King Sude stepped forward, shaking Lucy’s hand as she grabbed the Golden Bottle. The crowd cheered. “WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, I present, the Golden Bottle!” Everyone began to applaud, except for the Prime Minister. He was obviously expecting me to fail. Lucy decided. I guess he wanted his grandson to be the winner. Lucy remembered Roger. It had been his idea in the first place, to make me leave. She pondered. But I still feel sorry for him. Who wants the Prime Minister for a Grandpa? The crowd began to chant her name. A flowery scent hung in the air. “It smells amazing!” “Just like I thought it would!” “No wonder it’s called the Golden Bottle.” Dishes began to gossip with eachother, and the chanting dies out. “Duchess Lucy?” A voice sounded behind her. It was Roger.

“I just want to tell you, I’m really looking up to what you did today.” Roger hung his head. “I’m sorry I made you do this.” He fidgeted.

“No, Roger. I’m glad you wanted me to go. No matter what reason. I’m glad I got to help the castle, and I know you will some day. “Really?” Roger asked. Hope shone in his eyes. “Of course! Now go join the celebration. This is my first and last order as Duchess.” Smiling, Roger skipped off to the party. The night went on, and Lucy watched happily as dishes danced and sang. She was glad she had helped her home.

Once upon a time there was a city. And in that city there was a house. And in that house there was a dishwasher. And in that dishwasher there was a Duchess.

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  1. Sharon Rhinesmith said:

    What a wonderful and creative story! I’d love to hear more of this imaginative work!

  2. Great job Shiram!

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