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A Dishwasher Chronicle

It was a fine day in the dishwasher. Lucy was almost done eating her suds and way, when the soap-phone rang. Angrily, her father Jerard answered it. “NO, LARRY, IM NOT WALKING ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE DRAWBRIDGE TO PAY YOU BACK!” He yelled. “I AM PERFECTLY AWARE!”

Jerard hung up the soap phone angrily and stormed across the small dish-house to drink suds on the rocks. Lucy sighed sympathetically. Unfortunately, her father was in dept 2,000 rubsuds(currency in the dishwasher) since no new rubsuds were being made, and his job as the dish-smasher only paid 10 a week, he had no way of saving up enough to pay.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Lucy asked, hopeful.

“No, dear. Just because you are dutchess does not mean you can help with these issues. I’ll have to talk to King Sude, but I doubt even he can help me.”

Lucy did not listen to her father, however. The next day, she set off to the other side of the dishwasher with her best friend, Roger the fork. “We must talk to him,” Lucy whispered to her friend. They bustled through the markets, the rural areas or their home outside of the drawbridge plaza. It was still quite familiar, as the dishwasher town was very small. Finally, we reached the neighborhood of Larry Eps. It was nice there, but the people who populated it were semi-snobbish and mostly plated. Larry was a glass. As soon as we reached his property, I knocked on the sud-door and stepped through it into the room.

“WHO GOES THERE?” Larry yelled, sitting alone in the corner of the tiny house.

“Lucy, dutchess and daughter of Master Iod.”

“Ah, the spoon who owes me money. And you are here to bring it to me, I assume. Put it on the floor.” Larry gestured to the sudsy floor. The warm glow of the room made Lucy feel sick, and she badly wanted to leave. “I’m sorry, I don’t have the money. I was here to see if there is anything else I or my father could to to pay off the debt.”

“NO. I WANT MY MONEY, IF YOU PLEASE.” Larry stood up from lying lazily on the floor. Lucy stared at him in anguish.


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